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Parragon Publishing

Parragon is known as the largest promotional/ value publisher in the world. It is spread over the seven continents and all major countries, and so it imparts a wide spectrum of knowledge to different readers with different requirements by offering more than 1000 titles a year.

Parragon covers a wide category of children's books including the reference books, activity books and illustrated board and storybooks. Parragon has got a category of non-fictions for adults. The various topics covered under this category include cookery, Mind, Body and Spirit, Lifestyle, Art, Book Plus Gift Products, etc.

Parragon is the world's largest publisher of non-fiction books. They have assigned hundreds of distributors all over the world in order to reach every corner of the world.

Supernova Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd is the authorized distributor of Parragon Publishing India P. Ltd. It offers a wide range of non-fictions and activity books for children in convenient formats and prints. There are books that have typical tutorials for various games and activities that the growing children will like to do.

Having possessed a good reputation in the Indian market, Parragon is marching ahead for further growth and expansion. The association with Supernova is an important milestone in establishing its strong base in India, especially in the Eastern region.