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Glimpses of Paradise: Selected Poems and Songs of Tagore

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Glimpses of Paradise: Selected Poems and Songs of Tagore
Supernova Publishers
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For the translation to be true as well as spontaneous, the poem has to come alive in the translator's mind. Through long association it must have become part of him, an extension of his consciousness.

The continued impact of the poem would finally lead him to create a dream-image of it. It is as much an intuitive as an intellectual process. The translator has tried to pay a minute fraction of a life-long debt to a supreme poet whose true stature must remain unknown to the world because he happened to write mainly in Bengali. Father Pierre Fallon said that he would have never realized the greatness of Tagore's poetry if he had not learned Bengali. The translator can only say that he has put everything he has into the work.

Gouri Prasad Ghosh (b. 1928) was Professor of English Maulana Azad College, Calcutta and Lecturer in English, Calcutta University. His chief critical works are The Insubstantial Pageant: A study of Shakespeare's Life-Vision and a work on art forms in Tagore's poetry. One of his two semi popular books on astrophysics and cosmology has won an award. He has also won an award, along with four colleagues, as the chief editor of Everyman's Dictionary (English to Bengali). His rendering of the Shakespearean Sonnet-sequence into Bengali verse has been admired by scholars.

In 2007 he had published Rabindranath Tagore: Thirty Poems and One Hundred and Thirty Songs in English. The present volume is an enlarged version of the above book, along with commentaries on different poems and songs.

AuthorRabindranath Tagore
TranslationFrom Bengali to English
TranslatorGouri Prasad Ghosh

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