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The Roster

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The Roster
Supernova Publishers
5 days

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Megha Narayan's husband is not curious about her past, a fact that has served her rather well till now. But after a few years of blissful matrimony. an opportune moment presents itself and nudges her to finally come clean about her numerous romantic escapades in the days of yore. Though jittery, as is expected, about her husband's possible feelings of betrayal - but still encouraged by his un-Indianness and lack of curiosity so far - she throws caution to the winds and goes on a narrative roll. Out come tumbling the thus far incarcerated youthful secrets that had been denied the light of confession. Will her husband overlook and ignore or will he react exactly in the manner that Megha had been warned about by the worldly wise? Has Megha committed a colossal blunder?

Megha Narayan, the girl next door who has traveled afar, stamps her presence throughout the extremely humorous narrative with punch and panache!

A total of eight different tales weave their way out of the caverns of Megha's memory - presenting life in all its myriad emotions and proving temporarily one little corollary of memory everything in hindsight can seem funny.

Anukampa Rawat believes that amongst the illustrious League of Language Merchants she is just a fledgling owner of a weak, rickety workstation that counts among its myriad shortcomings an innate dislike for the science of punctuation.

Essentially a poet, she spent most of her life certain that writing prose was both boring and a job for the jobless. However, the sprouting of the seeds of The Roster was an event so thoroughly sudden, unexpected and invigorating that she paused her successful corporate career of fourteen years to take it to fruition. She attributes the rich storyline of her debut novel to her extremely fertile imagination that for a change she did not have to rein in.

She is married and lives in Mumbai with her husband, Santosh, and a rescued kitten named Charlie. An ardent animal lover, a blogger and an Isha meditator she is currently working on her next laughter riot.

AuthorAnukampa Rawat