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When The Lotus Blooms

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When The Lotus Blooms
Supernova Publishers
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Kanchana Krishnan Ayyar's first novel, When The Lotus Blooms, chronicles the saga of two child brides Rajam and Dharmu in colonial India trying to come to terms with their lives in an orthodox and patriarchal Brahmanical milieu.

A book, which will touch every reader’s heart, as it unfolds the trials and travails of these two remarkable women, who grappled with all odds to find a place for themselves in their husband's households.

The allegorical blooming of the Lotus Brahmakamalam is symbolic of the fulfillment of these two protagonists purpose in life.

"With some lucid writing, set in a befitting era & most importantly with a strong theme, When the Lotus Blooms, creates magic, attracting attention and provokes one into thinking..."
Sivasankari - The renowned Tamil Author

"When the Lotus Blooms is a deeply arresting novel... at times dark, at times inspiring, the chapters in this novel weave a tapestry of moods that ultimately beguile the reader into feeling a part of the lives of the protagonist..."
Dr. Shashi Tharoor - Author and former Under Secretary General of the UN

"A born story teller, Ms. Ayyar dramatizes every incident with confidence and flair. Her characters are authentic and touching, and the novel teems with vital memories of Indian Life under the Raj."
Dr. James Fairchild - Associate Professor of Literature, Maharishi University of Management
AuthorKanchana Krishnan Ayyar
Distribution RightsWorld excluding USA

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