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Prem Nagar - Town Of Love

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Prem Nagar - Town Of Love
Supernova Publishers
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Tamanna, who as a child followed an older girl into a truck and crossed the border of Bhutan to India, is sold to the Nats, a community that was forced to prostitute its women for a living. Sucked into the flesh trade, Tamanna eventually manages to make her escape, but has to leave her little daughter Rupa behind. From now on, the only thing on Tamanna's mind is to wrest Rupa from the clutches of Jabbar Aslam, the kingpin of the trade. She enlists the help of Eila, an organisation that fights sex-trafficking, headed by Rukmini. Tamanna's resolve encourages other women to rally round her in spite of the ever-present violence and the bonds of blood and family loyalty that are almost impossible to break. Prem Nagar: Town of Love is a searing indictment of a practice that turns human beings into chattels.

This book, then, is not fiction, if by fiction one means a flight from reality: on the contrary, it is an unflinching look at reality, a reality that cries out for change. Above all, this book gives a counsel of hope, not despair: the modest school established by Eila and the Nat women of Forbesganj, despite widespread opposition, is more than a symbol of this hope.

Anne Christine Ostby was born in 1958, in Steinkjer, Norway. After receiving her BA from the University of Trondheim, Norway, in 1982, she worked as a journalist in various newspapers and magazines.

Since the publication of her first novel in 1999, Ostby's awards for her nine published books include four stipends from the Association of Norwegian Writers for Children and Young Adults, and a fellowship and residency at Can Serrat's Artists' Residence Center in Barcelona, Spain.

Her books frequently address multicultural and womens's issues, and her novels for young adults have been listed by the Norwegian MFA as recommended reading for families moving abroad. When Prem Nagar was released in Norway in 2012, the launch was supported by FOKUS, the Norwegian resource center for international women's issues.

Since 1990, Anne Ch. Ostby has traveled continuously due to her husband's employment with the United Nations, living in Denmark, Malaysia, Pakistan/Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, the United States, and Iran. She currently resides in Fiji.

AuthorAnne Ch Ostby

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