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The Britannica Guide to Modern China

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The Britannica Guide to Modern China
Penguin India
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A comprehensive introduction to the world's new economic giant.

The Britannica Guide to Modern China is the perfect companion for travelers who wish to know the country beyond the tourist trail, for students and business people who need an overview of the entire culture and society, and for the general reader who wants to understand China's remarkable legacy and potent future.

The guide explains the differences between the Long March, the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution, and the Four Modernizations. It looks at the key personalities who transformed China into a modern state with the world's fastest-growing economy, which is predicted to eclipse the US market within 10 years.

With an introduction by leading commentator Jonathan Mirsky, this Britannica Guide provides a detailed, accurate introduction to the diverse society that comprises modern China.

AuthorJonathan Mirsky
Distribution RightsIndian Subcontinent