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My First Picture Book (Nursery & LKG)

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My First Picture Book (Nursery & LKG)
Supernova Publishers

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My First Picture Book A and My First Picture comprise a series of two books for student of Nursery/Lower Kindergarten and Upper Kindergarten. The books introduce early vocabulary in an interactive way with heaps of pictures giving a realistic introduction to learning new words.

Key Features:
- Helps children associate objects with words through pictures
- Teaches topics on health
- Introduces personal awareness
- Builds knowledge about immediate surroundings
- Fosters love for plants and animals
- Helps to identify the extended surroundings

Shradha Anand is an author of children's books with more than 24 years of experience in the field of education. She writes stories, poems and textbooks for children. Her writings have been published in several textbooks. Her expertise lies in developing content for preschool and primary school children as she aims to create out of the box content that fuels imagination in children and allows them to learn through play-wad method. She is also a qualified ELT trainer for teachers and principals at schools.

AuthorShradha Anand

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