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Class 4 English Course Book for The Young Scholar Learning Tree

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Class 4 English Course Book for The Young Scholar Learning Tree
Supernova Publishers
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Young Scholar Learning Tree for English Course book Reader, Workbook and Practice Book for Class 4 is a complete set developed to suit the requirements of students bearing in mind the framework provided by NCERT.

At the core are the fundamental literacy levels of students and therefore the focus is on Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. It grows from the philosophy that once the skills are developed students will be able to handle any style of assessment and face any challenges that may arise with changes in systems.

To achieve this the authors have focused on a few areas of learning:

• The context provided for every activity is meaningful in order to enhance experiential learning.

• There is an attempt to provide enough substance that will engage every age group so that learning is propelled.

• Learning is taken through steps providing scaff olding to learners who may need it. The underpinning is to allow learners to take responsibility for learning.

• Keeping in mind that most classes are heterogenous and it would be difficult for one teacher to differentiate in a large class, the strategies are built into the Workbook with three levels in each activity.

• Grammar draws from the main text and theme of the unit and provides examples of conventions practised in English globally. Therefore grammar learning is made inductive and not prescriptive.

• The literary aspect is also maintained with introduction of genres and their analysis. Every unit has a poetry section and there is fiction and nonfiction throughout with equal weightage to all.

• The digital listening section has been introduced to make learning effective and directives are provided in the Teacher’s Guide.

• There are sections dedicated to group work to provide practice in collaborative learning.

• There is one unit dedicated to project work which has scope to make it interdisciplinary. There is research and presentation skills involved. Students get plenty of opportunities to engage in data handling for supporting content in presentations and for making informed decisions.

• Areas addressed throughout the Course book Reader include research, thinking, communication, social and self management skills.

• Above all the authors have endeavoured to make the Course book Reader an enjoyable experience for students and teachers.

Nithya Sundaram M.A. B Ed., is an experienced educator with over three decades of teaching experience in four countries including Singapore and Indonesia and in various states in India. She has worked with three major boards of education, the CBSE, CIE and IBO in various capacities such as teacher, panel head, academic supervisor and Principal.

Dr Kiran Hong, PGDE, MEd, PhD has been working with elementary children and pre-service teachers for the past twenty years in Singapore schools. His experience as head of department in elementary schools for 13 years and 7 years of IHL lecturing, has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics.

Miss Kathleen Teo, PGDE, MAIDT, has over 6 years of experience working with elementary school children in Singapore schools. Her experience as an assistant head gives her the context to develop and produce pedagogically deep and rich contents for learning. SERIES CONSULTANT

Dr Seethalakshmi Viswanath, Ph.D., has over 30 years of experience in teaching both the primary to senior secondary school levels and has been principal for over 18 years. She has been closely associated with CBSE as a member of inspection committee, as an Observer for various entrance exams conducted by CBSE and as a master trainerfor preparation of value based questions.

AuthorKathleen Teo, Kiran Hong, Dr, Nithya Sundaram, Dr, Seethalakshmi Vishwanath, Dr