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Playing with Numbers is a comprehensive new series of Mathematics textbooks for Classes 1 to 8, which have been designed as per the requirements of the latest curriculum of the Council for the India School Certificate Examinations (CISCE). The content is designed to address all learners in the classroom irrespective of their skill levels or learning capabilities. The strength of the series lies in its simple language, easy presentation and a concrete approach that diminishes the anxiety often accompanying a more abstract approach in the teaching of mathematics. The primary focus is to make it a student friendly series.


  • Warm Up to refresh the concepts learnt earlier.
  • Activities and Projects to facilitate hands-on-learning and consolidation of mathematical concepts.
  • THINK BEYOND questions interspersed frequently to encourage the learning of complex judgmental skills.
  • Chapter Test/Assessment in each chapter to engage the students with concepts learnt earlier.
  • Mental Maths exercises to develop quick response abilities in students.
  • Model Test Papers for evaluation and self-assessment.
  • Discuss section covering the topic being taught is included at appropriate sections to encourage discussion between the teacher and the students.
  • Teacher's Resource material in the form of solutions to difficult questions.

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