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The Britannica Guide to Genetics

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The Britannica Guide to Genetics
Penguin India
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An invaluable introduction to our quest for the origins of life, with an introduction by bestselling science writer and geneticist Steve Jones.

New discoveries about our genes have been heralded as essential leaps of progress in modern science forcing us to ask - How much do our genes determine our personalities? What makes us different from other species? But as we enter the twenty-first century and we have begun to manipulate genes and the genome the questions have changed.

The book covers the entire history of genetics from Gregor Mendel's first experiments with peas at the end of the nineteenth century to the announcement of the Human Genome Project in 1998. This guide explores the frontiers of our present day study of genetics and what we might expect in the future.

AuthorSteve Jones
Distribution RightsIndian Subcontinent