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The Britannica Guide to India

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The Britannica Guide to India
Penguin India
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A comprehensive introduction to an ancient culture and a new economic power in the world. The most comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to the people, history, culture and future of India.

India in the twenty-first century stands on the verge of being one of the world's newest superpowers. In the sixty years since its independence, it has transformed into a modern nation with limitless resources - yet it is also a nation of extremes. It is a people with 15 official languages, over 166 million mobile phone users, and an economy that spans from traditional village farming to the cutting edge of new technology.

This revealing guide covers over 10,000 years of history, diverse cultures, art, music, architecture, religions, key sites to visit and the major works of Indian philosophy and literature. Designed to be read by travelers, students and general readers alike this guide is the perfect introduction for the reader who wants to know more than the guide books and gain a deeper understanding of India's history and culture.

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