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Environmental Science

The Supernova Environmental Science for the Young Scholar series, consisting of five books from Class 1 to Class 5, has been written with the General Objectives of Education, National Curriculum Framework (NCERT) in mind. These objectives focus on awareness and understanding of the natural and social environment, and the Interactive processes therein, In order to develop environmentally friendly citizens for the future.

Supernova's Environmental Science for the Young Scholar series is structured to include elements from science and social sciences in a graded and child-friendly manner. The young learner is introduced to his/her immediate environment and encouraged to appreciate the diversity in our surroundings. The correlation between exposure and interaction ensures that the young learner not just knows about his/her environment, but discovers his/her position within it and develops into an identity that contributes to its nurture and betterment. Thought provoking questions are asked or situations are placed to appreciate moral values and life skills. The I do, because I care section relates each and every chapter in the book with a can-do task for a participatory approach to learning.

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