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Young Scholar Series: Knowledge Tree - Class V

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Young Scholar Series: Knowledge Tree - Class V
Supernova Publishers
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Knowledge Tree is a series of General Knowledge books for classes 1-8. These books motivate children and allow their imagination and potential to blossom. An integral part of our The Young Scholar Series, the books in the Knowledge Tree Series:

  • Fire the curiosity in inquisitive minds and empower them to be knowledge seekers
  • Engage the young minds through myriad exercises, games and activities
  • Build awareness and create the knowledge base needed to be insightful thinkers, harness the multiple intelligences in every learner and cater to the diverse interests and abilities in an average classroom
  • Present broad themes on topics such as plants, animals, lands and people, India, everyday science, language and literature, films and music, world and environment, etc.
  • Organise the course content thoughtfully through the use of picture quizzes, word quizzes/word grids, games, etc. in order to captivate and sustain the attention of learners
  • Includes tests and solutions to aid teaching and testing

Vandana Thorpe, part of the successful V & S Thorpe Educational Services, Chandigarh has authorized the series of eight books. She has published books on Reasoning and General Aptitude and her wide ranging experience has contributed to the richness, variety and creativity in this series.

AuthorVandana Thorpe

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